Tuesday, June 7, 2022


OFFICIAL Results for ALL Monona County Precincts

(11 of 11 Precincts Reporting Including Absentee)


OFFICIAL Results by Individual Precinct

AS001 Arboretum
(Includes Ashton, Belvidere, Center, Kennebec, Cities of Castana & Turin)

CP002 Mapleton City Office
(Includes Cooper, Maple, City of Mapleton)

FV003 Fairview/Whiting
(Includes Fairview, Grant, Lake, Lincoln, West Fork, Cities of Rodney & Whiting)

MH004 Moorhead/Soldier
(Includes Jordan, Soldier, Spring Valley, Willow, Cities of Moorhead & Soldier)

ON105 Onawa Ward 1
(Onawa Community Center)

ON206 Onawa Ward 2
(Lutheran Church)

ON307 Onawa Ward 3
(Onawa City Office)

ON408 Onawa Ward 4

SH009 Blencoe Community Building
(Includes Franklin, Sherman, Sioux, City of Blencoe)

STC10 St. Clair/Ute
(Includes St. Clair, City of Ute)